Another Archaeological mystery is on the way for Victoria Barron in “Misled”

Dedicated attorney, Victoria Barrón receives a mysterious letter that compels her return to Mexico, twenty-five years after the death of her parents.

The letter hints at a relative with little time left in the colonial city of Zacatecas. Victoria soon discovers Antonella Duarte, the grandmother she didn’t’ know existed. And there is also her disapproving cousin, Eduardo, who lives a life of monastic luxury at Rancho Mirador.

Within hours of Victoria’s arrival, the police are beating at the Duarte door. Antonella is arrested for artifact smuggling, despite her age, infirmness, and denial of the audacious charges. Incensed, Victoria and Eduardo rush to the police station, only to learn that there is no record of their grandmother’s arrest.

Antonella has been kidnapped by Malcom Blalock, who demands the Tablet of Ixkun for her safe return. Victoria’s mother, Estima, was the last to possess the tablet. Now, Victoria and Eduardo return to her childhood home, unaware of a far more insidious threat. With members descended from Aztec nobility,

Grupo Royal will stop at nothing to ensure the recovery of the tablet and Victoria soon finds herself at the center of an age-old conflict with disastrous implications. The clay tablet’s simple message promises to rewrite our past, and transform our future.

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